Music Ministry

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir is an opportunity for those who love to sing to perform during services and recitals in front of the church. You will be asked to attend practices periodically and to learn the songs that will be sung during the services.

Kid's Choir

Kid's Choir is a program for young children in Believers and Explorers to perform in front of the church. Children perform periodically throughout the year and the songs include fun hand movements and relate to teaching found in the Bible.

Bell Choir

Bell Choir is an opportunity for people of all ages to learn a new instrument and perform in front of the church. Whether you've played bells before or never picked up an instrument, you can still join Bell Choir. Bell Choir begins practicing again in the Fall, more information will be available then.

Technical Support

Please contact Laurie Sidle if you are interested in volunteering with technical support

Sound Board

Being a sound board volunteer requires you to come to the church at 9 to begin practice with those who are singing or playing instruments. Your responsibilities include getting mics to those who need them, testing battery life and running the sound during the service.


As a video volunteer, you will be asked to come about ten minutes before the service begins so that you are prepared to video tape the service in its' entirety. Your responsibilities include taping the service, ensuring that the DVD is properly installed and copying the service to a CD at the end of the service.


As a screens volunteer you will be asked to come at 9 am to get screens set up before those singing and performing in the service arrive. Your responsibilities include getting all worship songs onto screens, putting screens in their proper order for the service and running screens during the service.



Caring & Sharing

Helping Hands holds several groups throughout the year including the sewing circle. They provide services to members of the community who are in need. Please contact Sandy Smetzer at the church office for more information.

Food Pantry

The food pantry is in need of both donations and people to assist with serving the food to the community. Please contact Peggy Gray at the church office with questions.

Local Work Day

We have several work days though out the year. Visit our Event page for more details and contact information.