Apart from the church staff, there are many people who serve on committees and the church council to help the church run smoothly. Below is a list of committees and the chair person of each, as well the members of the Church Council. If you would like to contact any of the church leadership, please call the church office.

Church Council

Church Council Chair
Rich Brosseau

Lay Leader
Carla Lendrum

Church Council Secretary
Chris Wile

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference
Debbie Rinehart

Financial Secretary
Betsy Edwards

Capital Improvement Treasurer
Diane Shriver

Benevolence Treasurer
Cheryl Gordon

Health & Welfare
Susan Myers - suem920@hotmail.com

Bell Choir Director
Brad Young

Choir Director
Pastor Jan Walsh

Community Outreach
Peggy Gray - margaret.i.gray@gmail.com 

UMW Chairwoman
Sharon Emler - emlerds@yahoo.com

Director of Youth and Children's Ministries
Adam D'Ettorre

Members at Large
Ken VanSickle
Nancy Myers
Greg Gordon
Shelley Bower
Leanne Robison
Ken Janes


Finance Committee
Chair: Jed Acker

Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Chair: Scott Boothby

Chair: Al McFarland

Nominating Committee
Chair: Pastor Scott Walsh

Evangelism Committee
Chair: Terri Lynn Brosseau

Mission Committee
Co-Chairs: Paul McMillen & Gretchen VanLieu
Paul McMillen
- mcmillen5522@embarqmail.com
Gretchen Van Lieuvanlieu@sssnet.com

Caring & Sharing Committee
Chair: Sandy Smetzer

Scholarship Committee
Chair: Scott Boothby

Education Committee
Chair: Cheryl Koehler

Youth Committee
Chair: Adam D'Ettorre


Chair: Nancy Myers

Worship & Music Committee
Chair: Shyanne VanSickle - shy1949@sssnet.com