A huge thanks from us to these volunteers who take the time to disciple these young people. If you would like to join our volunteer team, please contact the Director of Youth & Christian Education.*

*all our volunteers must submit and application, agree to our protection policy, and agree to a background check after six months of regular attendance

Organized by program then alphabetical order:

Explorers: Katie Wiggam, Meghan Wright, Jody Wells, Jen Zehnder
Believers: Holly Grant, Helena Ritchey, Katie Wiggam
Pre-K Sunday School (SS): Beth Kobalarsick and Diane Shriver
K-2 SS: Beth Fox and Debbie Rinehart
3-5 SS: Helena Richey
6-8 SS: Jed & Beth Acker
9-12 SS:  Tim Ritchey
5/6 Youth Group (YG): Jed & Beth Acker, Lisa Habberbusch-Sidle, Sarah Weiser
MS YG: Jed & Beth Acker, Lisa Habberbusch-Sidle, Sarah Weiser
HS YG: Aaron Boothby, Mike Grant, Sean Wright